Class F – Open Poultry

Directors: Roy Lucas, Tommy Crabtree, and Chris Hedge

General Rules:

1. This show will be open to all Scioto County residents and adjacent counties granting Scioto County same privileges to Scioto County and exhibitors.  Exhibitors limited to fifty total entries per exhibitor.
2. All entries must be made and entry fees paid to the superintendent of this department two weeks in advance of opening date of Fair for cooping arrangements. Address entries including remittance to: Seth Hall, 325 Diehlman Branch Rd, McDermott, Ohio 45652, (740)-456-7424.
3. All poultry to be inspected and approved by Fair Veterinarian, diseased poultry excluded. All birds becoming sick during the exhibition shall be removed from the show by the authority of the superintendent.
4. All birds should be leg banded.
5. Judging will be by comparison and the latest standard of perfection shall be followed in making awards.
6. Young birds cannot compete with old and vice versa, except in champions of breeds. Old birds, hatched previous years; young birds hatched year of Fair.
7. When no competition exists the judge shall make such awards as the exhibition may merit, no unworthy exhibit to win first place, will be placed second if no competition. Competition means two or more exhibitors.
8. All birds must be cooped by 12:00 noon Monday of week Fair opens. Judging starts before or promptly at, 10:00 a.m. Tuesday. Only designated officials permitted in aisles during judging.
9. Exhibits may be removed from building only after 12:00 midnight Saturday of Fair, and must be checked out through the superintendent or authorized assistant.
10. The Scioto County Fair Board reserves the right to limit the number of entries to the capacity of the poultry building but shall not exceed 50 entries per exhibit.
11. When entry fees are paid by check the Fair Board shall have the right to withhold payment of premiums until the exhibitor’s check is honored by exhibitor’s bank. if check is not valid, entry fees will be considered unpaid and all premiums will be declared forfeited to the Fair Board.
12. Championship Classes – There must be 8 or more entries in a class to compete for champion.

Male of Class $2.50 & Rosette

Female of Class $2.50 & Rosette

13. Entry fee is 20 cents for each bird exhibited. Awards for all regular classes: 1st – $2.00 and 2nd – $1.50, First and Second place ribbons will also be awarded.
14. Every precaution will be used in handling and caring for birds to avoid error or loss, but in the event of birds going astray the Fair Board will not be liable therefore.
15. Classes – All single entries a. Cocks b. Hens c. Cockerels d. Pullets
16. All premiums for an exhibitor that total less than $10.00 will be paid in cash at the time the exhibits are released. The exhibitor must sign a voucher stating that they have received payment. Premiums of $10.00 or more will be paid by check, but must be picked up at the time exhibits are released. No premiums will be mailed to anyone after the fair. Premiums not picked up at the time of dismissal will be considered a donation to the Society.

Large Fowl Classes Will Include:

Book I – American
1. Dominique
2. Black Jersey Giant
3. White Jersey Giant
4. New Hampshire
5. Barred Plymouth Rock
6. Buff Plymouth Rock
7. Partridge Plymouth Rock
8. White Plymouth Rock
9. AOV Plymouth Rock
10. R.C. & S.C. Rhode Island Red
11. Buff Wyandotte
12. Partridge Wyandotte
13. Silver Laced Wyandotte
14. White Wyandotte
15. AOV American

Book 2 – Asiatic
16. Dark Brahma
17. Light Brahma
18. Buff Brahma
19. Black Cochin
20. Buff Cochin
21. Partridge Cochin
22. White Cochin
23. Black Langshan
24. White Langshan
25. AOV Asiatic

Book 3 – Mediterranean
26. R.C. & S.C. Ancona
27. Blue Andalusian
28. S.C. Black Leghorn
29. R.C. & S.C. Dark Brown Leghorn
30. R.C. Light Brown Leghorn
31. S.C. Light Brown Leghorn
32. S. C. Buff Leghorn
33. R.C. & S.C. White Leghorn
34. R.C. Black Minorca
35. S.C. Black Minorca
36. White Faced Black Spanish
37. R.C. & S.C. White Minorca
38. AOV Mediterranean

Book 4 – English
39. Australorp
40. Dark Cornish
41. White Cornish
42. White Laced Red Cornish
43. Dorking (Any Variety)
44. Buff Orpington
45. White Orpington
46. Sussex (Any Variety)
47. AOV English

Book 5 – Continental
48. Buff Laced Polish
49. Golden Polish
50. Silver Polish
51. White Crested Black Polish
52. White Polish
53. Silver Spangled Hamburg
54. AOV Hamburg
55. Houdan (Any Variety)
56. Salmon Faverolle
57. AOV Continental

Book 6-Any Other Standard Breed
58. Black Sumatra
59. Araucana (Any Variety)
60. Ameraucana (Any Variety)
61. Naked Neck (Any Variety)
62. Frizzle (Any Variety)
63. Modern Game (Any Variety)
64. Old English Game (Any Variety)
65. AOV A.O.S.B.
Bantam Classes Will Include:

Book 7 – Modern Game
1. B. Red
2. Brown Red
3. Birchen
4. AOV

Book 8 – Old English Game
5. B.B. Red
6. Black
7. Silver Duckwing
8. White
9. Blue
10. Spangle
11. AOV

Book 9 – Single Comb Clean Leg
12. Black Australorp
13. Black Tailed White Japanese
14. White Japanese
15. AOV Japanese
16. S.C. Light Brown Leghorn
17. S.C. Dark Brown Leghorn
18. S.C. White Leghorn
19. S.C. AOV Leghorn
20. New Hampshire
21. Barred Plymouth Rock
22. Partridge Plymouth Rock
23. Columbian Plymouth Rock
24. White Plymouth Rock
25. AOV Plymouth Rock
26. S.C. Rhode Island Red
27. Naked Neck (Any Variety)
28. AOV S.C.C.L.

Book 10 – Rose Comb Clean Leg
29. Silver Spangled Hamburg
30. R.C. Leghorn (Any Variety)
31. Quail Belgian D’Anver
32. AOV Belgian D’Anver
33. Black Rosecomb
34. Golden Sebright
35. Silver Sebright
36. Black Wyandotte
37. Partridge Wyandotte
38. White Wyandotte
39. AOV Wyandotte
40. AOV R.C.C.L.

Book 11 – Feather Leg
41. Buff Brahma
42. Dark Brahma
43. Light Brahma
44. Black Cochin
45. Buff Cochin
46. Partridge Cochin
47. White Cochin
48. Black Langshan
49. White Langshan
50. Mille Fieur D’Uccle
51. Porcelain D’Uccle
52. Silkies (Any Color)
53. AOV Feather Leg

Book 12 – Any Other Comb Clean Leg
54. Dark Cornish
55. White Cornish
56. White Laced Red Cornish
57. White Crested Black Polish
58. White Polish
59. AOV Polish
60. AOV A.O.C.C.L.