Class D – Open Dairy Cattle

Judging – Friday, of the fair
Directors Eugene Risner, Mark Risner, Jeb Coriell and Aaron Montgomery
Book 1-Jersey
Book 2-Guernsey
Book 3-Holstein
Book 4-Brown Swiss
Book 5-Ayrshire
Book 6-Milking Shorthorn

1. All entries must be filed in writing to the secretary, and must include all animals to be entered for competition. To be assured space, file one week before opening date of the fair. Barn space will be assigned by barn superintendent in order of filing.
2. Entry Fee: 10 percent of first premium, except for championship classes.
3. Registration papers and Health papers must be shown when called upon.
4. All animals in group classes must be shown in individual classes.
5. No more than 2 entries in any class by one exhibitor.
6. Heifers that have milked will show in the Junior 2-year old class, or older according to age.
7. The judge may at his option require any cow to be milked while in the ring or before the awards are made.
8. Failure to comply with the foregoing rules and/or regulations will result in disqualification from the dairy show.
9. Decision of the director-in-charge will be final.
10. Trucks must be parked in the south parking lot along the west fence in an orderly fashion. Animals will be released after midnight Sat. of the fair.
11. All premiums for an exhibitor that total less than $10.00 will be paid in cash at the time the exhibits are released. The exhibitor must sign a voucher stating that they have received payment. Premiums of $10.00 or more will be paid by check, but must be picked up at the time exhibits are released. No premiums will be mailed to anyone after the fair. Premiums not picked up at the time of dismissal will be considered a donation to the Society.

All classes except champion
1st – $25.00
2nd – $20.00
3rd – $15.00
4th – $10.00
Championship classes – rosette

1. Bull Calf – born on or after Sept. 1, 2022
2. Yearling Bull – born Sept. 1, 2022 to Aug. 31, 2021
3. Grand Champion Bull
4. Reserve Champion Bull
5. Jr. Heifer Calf – born after March 1, 2023
6. Intermediate Heifer Calf – born Dec. 1, 2022 to Feb. 28, 2023
7. Senior Heifer Calf – born Sept. 1, 2022 to Nov. 30, 2022
8. Summer Yearling Heifer – born June 1, 2022 to Aug. 31, 2022
9. Jr. Yearling Heifer – born March 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022
10. Winter Yearling Heifer – born Dec. 1, 2021 to Feb. 28, 2022
11. Senior Yearling Heifer – born Sept. 1, 2021 to Nov. 30, 2021
12. Junior Champion Female
13. Reserve Junior Champion Female
14. Jr. Two Year Old Cow – born March 1, 2021 to Aug. 31, 2021
15. Sr. Two Year Old Cow – born Sept. 1, 2020 to Feb. 28, 2021
16. Three Year Old Cow – born Sept. 1, 2019 to Aug. 31, 2020
17. Four Year Old Cow – born Sept. 1, 2018 to Aug. 31, 2019
18. Five Year Old Cow – born Sept. 1, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2018
19. Aged Cow – born before Sept. 1, 2017
20. Dry Cow Three Years or Older. (A cow not in milk may be entered by choice of the exhibitor in the dry cow class or the appropriate age class above, but not in both classes.)
21. Senior Champion Female
22. Reserve Senior Champion Female
23. Grand Champion Female
24. Reserve Grand Champion Female

Group Classes (Limit one entry per exhibitor in classes 25 through 29)
25. Exhibitor’s Young Herd shall consist of one bull under 2 years old; 2 heifers older than 1 year old, but younger than 2 years old; 2 heifers under 1 year old.
26. Calf Herd: shall consist of one bull and two heifers all under one year old.
27. Jr. Get-Of-Sire shall consist of three animals under 2 years of age, either sex, the get of one sire, not more than one can be male. The Sire must be named.
28. Exhibitor’s Herd-shall consist of five females, 2 over 2 years of age; two under 2 years of age; one any age.
29. Get-Of-Sire-shall consist of three animals of any age, either sex, the get of one sire; not more than one can be male. The Sire must be named.
30. Best Uddered Cow.
31. Produce-of-Dam-shall consist of two animals, the produce of one Dam.
32. Dam and her daughter.