Fire Rules

NOTICE: Any decorating materials used in exhibits must meet the Ohio State Fire Regulations as follow: A. The term “flameproof” or “flame resistant” shall be applied to all materials which will not ignite and propagate a flame under the “match flame test” prescribed. B. ‘The “match flame test” shall consist of the application of a flame from a common paper match held in a horizontal position, one-half inch underneath the material to be tested, and at a constant location for a minimum of 15 seconds. This test procedure shall be made on three different samples of the material obtained at random, and the name shall be applied at the point of location Which in the judgment of the inspector shall appear to be most susceptible to ignition. This Rule Applies to all Exhibits.

Rules and Regulations

1. The Fair Association reserves to its Board of Directors the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard thereto, and to add to or amend these rules as they may deem advisable.
2. All employees must be on the grounds promptly each morning of the Fair at 7:00 a.m., and remain on duty until 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise instructed by those in authority. The gates will not be opened until 8:00 each morning.
3. If for rain, or any cause, the receipts are inadequate to meet the expenses of the Fair the Board of Directors reserves the right to pay premiums pro rata from the actual receipts.
4. LIVESTOCK-When the official fair veterinarian and the livestock directors find evidence of tampering, the injection of or administering of drugs of any kind or description, including air and oil, or other application of any electrical, mechanical, or other appliance for the purpose of stimulating an animal entered in any form of competition, such animal shall be disqualified and all awards forfeited to the society.
5. Lights in all livestock barns shall not be extinguished until 9:00 p.m.
6. The words “BEST DISPLAY” refer in all cases to quantity as well as quality, except where the number is limited.
7. If there be any question as to regularity of any entry, or the right of an animal or article to compete in the class, the committee shall report the same to the director in charge, whose decision shall be final.
8. Registration of stock must be established by pedigree, which must be furnished the Superintendent of Department, except for young animals clearly eligible to registry.
9. All sires must be registered.
10. The managers of the Livestock Department shall be on the grounds in person, or by a representative authorized to act for them in arranging for stalls.

No Bedding Furnished
11. Superintendents of all other departments or their agents will be on the grounds not later than 8:00 a.m. the morning before the Fair opens to receive, enter and arrange all exhibits, and remain on the grounds until 5:00 in the evening.
12. Superintendents of all departments shall receive and enter or cause to be done under their personal supervision all exhibits in their departments. All entries must be checked up with the actual exhibits to see that entries have been correctly made. Entries close five days before opening date of the fair.
13. Entries shall be made with the Superintendent of Department or the Secretary and shall give the name and sex of the animal, the name and post office address of the owner.
14. Entries may be made in as many classes as the animal is eligible, upon payment of an entry fee of 10 per cent of the first premium of each class, except where excluded by rules. Rights reserved to reject any entry. No more than 2 entries in any class by 1 exhibitor.
15. Entries may be made by letter addressed to the Superintendent of Department, stating full particulars on any animal or articles to be exhibited. In all cases the money must accompany entry.
16. Persons desiring to exhibit article not competing for premiums will have necessary space allotted to them on application stating full particulars as to description and ownership.
17. Exhibitors of stock will be required to keep their stalls open and in good order, and their stock accessible to visitors.
18. No person except the Officers of the Society shall see or be informed of the number or kind of entries made.
9. When a premium is obtained by fraud or deception and when the owner of person in charge of articles or stock shows disrespect to or insults committeemen in discharge of their duties, he shall forfeit all or any premiums awarded him during the Fair.
20. Cattle originating from an accredited herd must be accompanied by an official certificate of health, the date of issue and method of test.
21. No animal or articles shall be removed before the closing hour fixed by the Board. The Directors will take due care for the safekeeping of the stock and articles on exhibition, but will not be responsible for loss or damage, or accident to persons should any occur. Exhibitors are required to give attention to their articles, and see to their removal at the close of the Fair. Any violation of this rule by exhibitors will forfeit to the society any premiums awarded to them
22. All premiums for an exhibitor that total less than $10.00 will be paid in cash at the time the exhibits are released. The exhibitor must sign a voucher stating that they have received payment. Premiums of $10.00 or more will be paid by check, but must be picked up at the time exhibits are released. No premiums will be mailed to anyone after the fair. Premiums not picked up at the time of dismissal will be considered a donation to the Society.
23. No persons other than the groom in charge of stock, judges or officers of the Society will be permitted in the ring where stock is exhibited.
24. The colors representing premiums awarded by this Society shall be: 1st Premium – Blue, 2nd Premium – Red, and 3rd Premium – White.
25. No premiums awarded on articles not listed in premium list except on special order of Board.
26. Exhibitors must make protest in writing and file with Secretary not later than one day after award is made, and protestants must deposit $50.00 which sum will be retained by the Society if protest be not sustained.
27. No animal or articles deemed unworthy shall be awarded a premium. Judges may award any grade of premiums, according to the merits of the animal or article.
28. Any exhibitors manifesting discourtesy to a judge shall forfeit any and all premiums.
29. No one interested in the animals or article on exhibition or nearly related to the exhibitor thereof, can act as committeeman or judge on the class.
30. No person will be allowed to interfere with the committee during the adjudicating, and any person who by letter or otherwise, attempts such an interference shall be excluded from the competition, and if the board is satisfied that the premium has been obtained by fraud, then such premiums shall be withdrawn.
31. Any animal or article, which in the committee’s opinion deserves special commendation will be so reported and specified in the committee’s book.
32. If error occurs in publication of Fair Premium Book the Fair Board reserves the right to make awards in accordance with correctly stated premiums of similar classes. Decision of the Board’s Executive Committee shall be final.
33. The Scioto County Agricultural Society assumes no responsibility for livestock and/or articles exhibited, entered and/or shown upon the Scioto County Fairgrounds. In bringing livestock and/or articles to be exhibited, Exhibitor/Entrant specifically acknowledges his/her or its awareness that livestock and exhibition articles are placed upon and maintained upon the Scioto County Fairgrounds by them at their sole risk. Further, the entrant/exhibitor agrees to hold the Scioto County Agricultural Society and the Scioto County Fairboard members harmless from any and all claims to or resulting from their respective livestock and/or exhibits from any cause whatsoever. The aforesaid indemnification shall include injuries to person or property of third parties resulting from the aforesaid livestock and/or exhibit articles.

34. The Scioto County Agricultural Society assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of parked vehicles or personal property within parked vehicles.

Concessions and Privileges
1. CONCESSIONS-NO beverages may be served in glass bottles upon the fairgrounds or in any buildings thereon. All liquids contained in glass bottles must be poured into a paper cup for serving to customers. Milk must be served in paper cartons.
2. ELECTRICAL CHARGES-Any and all concessions will be charged a fee for electrical service as determined by the director in charge of electricity. All concessionaires shall pay for additional electric wiring, equipment, materials, or supplies required. Electrical appliances must be approved by the director in charge of electricity and no unit requiring what the director considers excessive voltage will be permitted.
3. BILL OF FARE-All eating and soft drink concessions must display in letters not less than one inch high the complete menu and commodities for sale and the price for which each will be sold to the public. Such signs must be posted at each said establishment.
4. If space is available in the dis retion of the board, churches may be granted eating concessions in accordance with contract provisions fixed by the board.
5. Concessionaires are bound by the term of the contracts they sign at the time of securing concessions. In addition they are liable to strict supervision by the management. The right is reserved to promulgate and enforce whatever rules appear necessary for the regulation of concessions.
6. Purchasers of privileges must keep their spaces in sanitary condition. Concessionaires and their help must be neat and tidy in dress. Persons found working at any privilege not complying with this section may be expelled from the grounds.
7. No games of chance or immoral exhibition will be allowed on the grounds.
8. Under no circumstances will any person or firm be allowed to place any advertising matter upon buildings, trees or any place on the grounds, nor will they be permitted to distribute advertising matter outside of the place assigned to them.
9. The sale of alcoholic liquors is strictly prohibited.
10. All persons, firms, organizations, committees, groups, companies, granted exhibition space for the Scioto County Fair shall abide by all rules and regulations of the Fair Board and Ohio Department of Agriculture. Only a lease-holder shall occupy the space assigned and its activities must be confined to the space assigned. No exhibit space may be sublet without written approval of Fair Board. All exhibitors must purchase exhibitor tickets from the Senior Fair Office for admission of their personnel assigned to the exhibit space. No vehicle parking will be permitted on the main fairgrounds. Deliveries will be permitted during the morning hours ending at 12:00 noon, except an unforeseen emergency Current certificate of Ohio Bureau of Workmen’s Compensation required.
11. Scioto County Fair Board will not be responsible for injuries suffered by any person in an attempt to climb a fence or enter the fair grounds in any other illegal manner. Persons entering the grounds illegally are subject to arrest and prosecution. Such persons who enter the grounds illegally at any time are without recourse in case of injury suffered on the grounds or in the buildings. Midway area and concessions.

Roving Solicitation Prohibited
No person shall be permitted to make solicitations of any nature on the fairgrounds except in contracted concession or commercial rented spaces.
No person will be permitted to post or display signs, distribute handbills or advertising material or sell or distribute free, any merchandise, except persons under contract.

1. Soliciting of subscriptions for any newspaper or periodicals will not be permitted except on written request of publisher or manager to the Secretary ten days prior to the opening of the Fair, which request must contain the name of the Publisher or Manager, privilege desired. and names of solicitors. No solicitor will be permitted to work who has not been continuously in the employment of the publication for a period of twenty days prior to the Fair.
2. Not more than one headquarters or space will be assigned for said purpose to any one paper, and solicitors, must confine their operations to the space assigned.
3. Use of any article of merchandise, animal or article tickets for drawing, either for sale, or as a gift or inducement, or to influence subscriptions is positively prohibited, and use of same will be declared as a misdemeanor and punishment according to law.
4. The management reserves the right to exclude from the grounds any person or persons whom they may deem undesirable, or expel from the grounds such person or persons who shall violate any part of the rules.
5. No person will be permitted to distribute advertising matter upon the grounds except from their place of business or exhibit. The tacking or posting of advertisements, bills, cards, etc., other than within the space occupied by exhibitor is strictly prohibited.
6. Distribution of handbills, flyers, heralds, etc., will not under any circumstances be permitted. Anyone violating this rule is liable to fine and expulsion from the grounds.
7. No person, persons, firm or corporation shall sell, solicit sales offer for sale or otherwise dispose of stock in any corporation, concern, or organization or any name or character upon the fair grounds.

Public Use Of Grounds

For Reservation Call Or Write Caretaker, 1193 Fairground Rd., Lucasville, Ohio 45648


The Agricultural Society, being a non-profit, semi-public organization promoting education in all fields, desires that the public of Scioto County make full use of the Fairground’s facilities.

All beverages served on the grounds must be in paper or plastic containers.

Users must agree to protect the grounds and buildings and protect them from damage or vandalism.

Children must be under control of parents at all times and kept out of buildings, not being occupied by users.

No parking shall be permitted on the roads, alley or in any building on the fairgrounds. No vehicles shall be permitted in the grandstand-fire station area.

Parking in the board lot across Fairground Road or in lot south of main grounds shall be encouraged.

Binding reservations will not be made more than 60 days in advance of event date. Grounds or buildings shall not be leased or rented during fair week or during the 30 days prior to Fair week and 14 days after the fair.

Rental fees will be fixed by Fair Board. For use, apply in writing to the Board Secretary.

When the grounds are used for hazardous activities such as motorcycle, car and horse races and horse shows, the renter shall carry liability insurance covering the performances, audience and anyone who is on the fairgrounds. The policy shall include the Fair Board as well as the sponsoring organization in its coverage and must be filed with the secretary of the board 48 hours before the event takes place.

Applications for use of the fairgrounds or any building thereon must be made in writing to the board.

The caretaker shall have authority to make a nominal charge for cleaning up the grounds and retain this money as payment for his services.

All renters and users of the grounds and buildings must comply with the laws of Ohio, rules and regulations of the State Department of Agriculture and Scioto County Agricultural Society.


Scioto County Agricultural Society will hold its annual meeting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, October 25, 2018 in the Administration Building on the Lucasville Fairgrounds. Society members will elect eight (8) directors of the Scioto County Fair Board for the terms commencing January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2021. Voting will be in the Administration Building between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Candidates for director must have been members of the society for at least two (2) years preceding the election date. Candidate petitions must be signed by at least ten (10) members of the society. Petitions may be obtained from the secretary. Petitions of candidacy must be filed by October 12, 2018.

Robert Seaman, Secretary
P.O. Box 109
Lucasville, Ohio 45648

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